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Cupcake! on Dark Brown PUL and Pink Microfleece

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Small Embroidered Pocket Diapers

Green Acre Designs Embroidered PUL Pockets with Microfleece Feature:

  • Soft 1 ml PUL is used on the outside, 1 ml PUL is just as waterproof as 2 ml and much softer.
  • Colorful Anti Pill Microfleece inner will wisk wetness away from your babies tender skin and the won't show stains like white.
  • Durable snaps (no more diaper chains or scratches on your babies belly and they don't wear out like Velcro does)
  • Cute fun color combinations!
  • Independently adjustable thigh and waist for a perfect fit.
  • Great for babies on the go! Side Snapping diapers can be put on a standing toddler for a faster, struggle free diaper change.
  • 1 Year limited warranty on snaps, elastic and PUL.
  • For a Limited time these diapers come with a FREE Microfiber insert

Sizing is as follows the first number is at rest and the second number is stretched as far as it will stretch.

Pocket Sizing
Waist (Inches) Thigh (Inches) Rise (Inches) Stride (Inches) Weight (Pounds)
Approximate Age
Small 8-16 6-9 10.5-14 4.5 7-15 0-6 Months
Medium 11-23 8-13 12-16 5.5 12-25 2-18 Months
Medium Long 11-23 8-14 12.5-17 5.5 15-35 3 Months-2.5 Years
Husky Medium 12-24 8-14 12-16 5.5 15-35 3 Months-2.5 Years
Large 12-24 9-15 14-19 5.5 22-40 8 Months-4 Years
Extra Large Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon 6 28-55 1.5 Years-7 Year

Our inserts are special because they have a flap that puts 4 extra layers of thirsty Hemp or Microfiber right where your baby needs it. To use the insert put the flaps to the inside of the loop. If you have a boy place the flaps up in the front and for a girl place the flaps to the middle. Our inserts are sewn with an open design so they wash more thoroughly and dry much faster. The main body of the insert is 4 layers and the flap is 4 layers. So you get 8 layers of fabric in the "wet zone".

The Embroidery can be backed with a second layer of PUL, it will be sewn into 3 sides of the diaper for durability. If you want this, please make sure to click the option below.




Our Price:  $23.95  

Units:       each

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Limited Quantities
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Embroidery Backing Options
No Backing please!
Please back the Embroidery with a layer of PUL .....Add $1.00

Small doubler options

Small inserts for embroidered diapers
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